What type of house do you want?

Perhaps you know exactly what you want…2,200 square foot ranch style home on a wooded lot. If so, your realtor can look immediately for only that type of house. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you want, but “you’ll know when you see it”, you need to complete the Home Shopping Wants and Needs checklist.It will help you define, what you really have to have and really want to have in a house and neighborhood. This will help your realtor considerably when searching for the right homes to show you. When you look at homes, bring your checklist with you and pick up flyers at each home, so you’ll remember which home offered what.

When you are out looking at homes, you can fill out the Home Shopping Checklist to help you keep the features and details of the homes separate.

You can also search directly here for your home. You can insert requirements and have results emailed directly to you to ease in your search. Or, I can set up a search for you and either contact you directly or have the results emailed to you.

To download either of these forms, please click on the links below:
Home Shopping Needs and Wants Checklist
Home Shopping Checklist