Loan Documents Checklist

In order to expedite the mortgage loan process, please be sure you bring everything applicable on this list to make sure your appointment and the loan process go as smooth as possible.
Copy of Sales Contract (on the purchase of your new home.)
Copy of Sales Contract and certified copy of Closing Statement (on the sale of your present home (if any)).
Residence History
1 Past 24 months of residence with complete addresses.
2 Length of time you lived at each residence.
3 Name of landlord and his/her address (if currently renting).
Employment History
1 Employers for the past two years with complete addresses and dates of employment.
2 W-2s of most recent two years.
3 Most recent two year’s tax returns (with all schedules).
4 Year-to-date profit and loss statement and current balance sheet (if self-employed).
5 If there have been any gaps in your employment, be prepared to explain
Copies of most recent monthly statements for all loans or credit card balances.
1 Copies of most recent three month’s bank statements for all accounts, stock brokerages, mutual funds, IRAs, Pensions, etc.
Current Real Estate
1 Property addresses.
2 Estimated market values
3 Outstanding loan balances (bring copy of most recent loan statement)
4 Amount of monthly payment
5 Amount of monthly rental income, if any (copy of any rental agreements).
Personal Property
1 Net cash value of your life insurance
2 Year, make and value of all vehicles
3 Value of your furniture and personal property
If applicable, for the following
1 Copy of divorce papers
2 Copy of driver’s license and Social Security Card